Make a Difference

Could you 'Make a Difference'?

There are so many different ways to help Springhill Hospice; from financial donations and fundraisers to volunteering and shopping with us.

Another way is to make for us!

Quite often we use hand-crafted items with our patients during therapies and we always need more makers to ensure we have enough to go around.

We appreciate anything you wish to make for us, as some items we can sell at our fairs or in our shops, but if you would like to help out by making for our patients and staff directly, below are some ideas and patterns to get you started.

Once made, please feel free to drop your wonderful items at our main Hospice reception. We may ask your for your details so we can thank you.

Please note all patterns belong to their original designers and are credited where possible.

Patterns and ideas

Twiddle mats

Twiddle Muff

Twiddle mats, muffs and aprons are great for people with dementia.

People with dementia often have restless hand and like to have something to keep their hands occupied. A twiddle muff provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation which is soothing to the individual. It also keeps the hands snug and warm at the same time.

Below are some pattern ideas, but please feel free to design your own, whether knitted, crochet or sewn.

Crochet Twiddle Muff 1
Crochet Twiddle Muff 2

Wheat Pack Covers

Twiddle Muff

Wheat packs are used by patients to provide additional warmth which often also provides relief from pain

The packs are warmed in a microwave but we use removable washable covers for hygiene and  infection control.

Please ensure fabrics are washable.  Mixed designs are great for patient choice.

Button or flap closures are better than velcro for hygiene reasons.

The wheat packs measure:

47cm x 12cm

Please allow a couple of extra cm either side for movement and ease of changing.

Heart Pairs

Heart pairs

Squishy hearts are a really simple way to provide comfort for patients and loved ones.

Made in pairs, these are presented to those reaching end of life; one to the patient and one to their loved one. They can often create a beautiful and tactile bond when the two cannot be together.

Below are suggested patterns, but as long as they come to us as a pair that can fit in a hand, you can make them to whichever design you are comfortable with.

Crochet Hearts
Knitted Hearts

Little Bears

Little Bear

Little bears can also be wonderful comfort for patients and loved ones.

We have all seen how comforting a teddy can be, no matter a person's age. They are tactile and warm and are great huggers. This is why they are ideal for many of our patients. 

Below are suggested patterns, but, again, you can make them to whichever design and style  you are comfortable with. Hypoallergenic is always best if you can and small to medium sized bears are more manageable.

Knitted Bear (Medium)
Crochet Bear (Small)

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